Riley Flash Dryer 16"x16"
Riley Flash Dryer 16"x16"
Riley Flash Dryer 16"x16"

Riley Flash Dryer 16"x16"

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With more than 40 years of developing high-quality, affordable screen printing equipment, the Riley Hopkins brand has jumpstarted thousands of printers’ careers. Heat up production with the RileyFlash 1616.

Perfect for new print shops or for those needing a backup flash dryer, the RileyFlash 1616 gets the job done right. The infrared heating element has tight wire construction, reducing the possibility of having hot and cold spots. The flash dryer’s sturdy construction results in a long lifespan. Other great features like a 9-foot power cord, left/right handle, wheels, and casters means it’s effortless to move it around your shop.

The flash dryer warms up in about 10-15 minutes. While the flash does not have an indicator light or an on/off switch, you can tell if it’s on or off by feeling if heat is emitting from the flash. A heavy-duty power strip can be used to suffice as an on/off switch.

Invest in efficient, stable equipment. Heat up production today with the RileyFlash 1616.

  • Uses a standard household plug, making it accessible for any print shop
  • Easy to maneuver and place in shop
  • An economical solution to flash and/or cure prints
  • Rotating, adjustable stand
  • Locking casters
  • 360° rotation
  • Powder-coated to prevent rust
  • Sturdy, simple design
  • 9-foot power cord
  • Easy assembly
  • 1 year warranty
  • Watts: 1600
  • Volts: 120v
  • Amps: 13.2
  • Heater Size: 16”x20”
  • Element Size: 16”x16”
  • Plug Type: NEMA 5-15P
  • Shipping Weight: 33 lbs

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Riley Hopkins Reviews



I've been screen printing for 5 years, curing everything with a flash... time for the big upgrade. I'm impressed with the overall quality [of the RileyCure 245]. It took a few hours to get this set up, and I was running test prints the day it arrived. At this point, the unit can cure shirts just about as fast as I can print so I am very happy. My settings can probably be tweaked a little better, but this machine is really saving me a lot of time and ensuring consistency of cure. So far, this has basically doubled my productivity and then some.

Eric H.

Verified Buyer



We don’t have enough words to express how happy we are with our decision to upgrade to our Riley 300. Everything about the press is amazing! Hands down it has the looks but it also has an amazing set of features. Our favorite thing about the Riley 300 is that it is completely toolless which makes all those fine adjustments so easy. Oh, and the off-contact adjustment, straight-up perfection! You guys nailed it with this one!

Jeremy J.

Verified Buyer



Such a great tool! Really takes the guesswork out of placement as you're going through different size garments. Very well made and heavy duty! install took only 10 min or less! laser is very well made and super bright, and the charger that came with the unit is great! seriously just buy it and pull the trigger!

Brendan S.

Verified Buyer



Put this [RileyFlash 1818] together this weekend and right off the bat I was impressed with the quality. The stand is good heavy metal and very solid. I bought some other dryers on Amazon cause it was cheaper and they were not close to this one. Thin metal and they literally burned out on me (caught fire). I wish I had spent the money on this one the first time.

Family T.

Verified Buyer