Riley Hopkins looking over his Race Car He Built.
The man behind the name Riley Hopkins was formerly a race car driver. To promote the cars he raced, he screen printed shirts. When he moved on from the racing community, he took up various jobs — art director at an ad agency, and creator of displays at ski shows.The Riley Hopkins brand began when a kite company asked him to build a screen printing press. Right in the garage where he worked on race cars, he built his new life.
With more than 30 years of experience in the printing press industry and a professional reputation to match, Riley Hopkins makes some of the highest quality and most economical screen print presses a person can buy. Each Hopkins press in the line is built to run like a race car and print like a dream. The beloved press line is known worldwide for having top-tier features, fast adjustment, and cutting edge looks. If a screen printer wants a press that has speed, precision and consistency, then a Riley Hopkins Press is the solution.
It doesn't stop at the press, the brand also manufactures accompanying equipment like flash dryers and conveyor dryers. A printer can build the foundation to their shop and career with Riley Hopkins equipment.
The lights are flashing green, hit the gas, it's time to kick people's screen printing dreams into high gear!