Riley Hopkins Rotator Flash Pallets - 16x18in (Pallets only) |
Riley Hopkins Rotator Flash Pallets - 16x18in (Pallets only) |

Riley Hopkins Rotator Flash Pallets - 16x18in (Pallets only)

The perfect solution for curing on a small budget, turn your Riley Hopkins® Flash Dryer, into a multi-tool with the Riley Hopkins® Rotator Flash Pallets. These pallets are made specifically for curing shirts with your Riley Hopkins® Flash Dryer. Making the perfect small and portable curing unit for the mobile or small-scale screen printer concerned about space. Each thin, laser cut steel, 16 x 18 inch pallet is uniquely designed to deflect heat from the garment and provide curing temperatures necessary for curing both plastisol and water based ink. These pallets easily attach to the Riley Hopkins® Flash Dryer, and can rotate independently from the flash head to give you versatile curing power and fold down when not in use, allowing you to use your flash dryer for normal flashing purposes.

NOTE: For curing, we recommend placing the height of your rotator pallets 3 - 4 inches below your flash surface.

  • Two 16 x18 inch pallets, made from thin, laser cut steel for lightweight and versatile movement.
  • Easy attachment to your Riley Hopkins® Flash Dryer: Simply lift off the flash dryer head and main pole, attach the rotating section and lock into place.
  • Space efficient cord storage; cord fits conveniently inside of the rotator pallet, so it doesn't get in the way of the flash spinning.
  • Rotator pallets move independently from the flash dryer allowing you to move them into position. They also fold down easily allowing you to still use your flash dryer and press for normal purposes.