Riley Hopkins Registration Gate Upgrade Kit |

Riley Hopkins Registration Gate Upgrade Kit

If you are a Riley Hopkins owner looking for more consistent and tighter registration our new Riley Hopkins Gate Upgrade just made your day. The Riley Hopkins Gate Upgrade enables an owner of a previous version Riley Hopkins press to take advantage of the new beneficial functionality.

Note:Ê Priced per gate. Will need to purchase a gate for each station on your Riley Hopkins press.


Though very functional, the previous Riley Hopkins cast aluminum gate was shallow and used 9/16Ó nylon bolts for registration. If the printer does not take the time to dial in off contact and tilt for every job, the registration block has the tendency to skip out of the gate which will cause inconsistent registration during the print. Also, the nylon bolts would sometimes snap, break, or loosen need to be replaced which would also lead to inconsistent registration.


To solve these concerns; we improved the 2014 Riley Hopkins Models and created a deeper and thicker registration gate with 1/2Ó Heavy Duty Black Registration Bolts. Precisely machined from aircraft grade aluminum extrusion, this gate holds tighter registration and needs to be adjusted less.Ê All of these upgrades attribute to better shirts, faster printing, and more profit for the screen printer.