Riley Hopkins Style Tagless Shirt Platen - 16x22in |

Riley Hopkins Style Tagless Shirt Platen - 16x22in

The Tagless Pallet was developed to improve the quality & production rate of printing the inside labels of a shirt. Two shirts are loaded at the same time on the Tagless pallet. Why Tagless? No one likes the labels inside a shirt. They cost money to produce and sew in, and then the person wearing the shirt will often rip or cut the tag out because they are uncomfortable. Ripping the tags is a leading cause of shirt death. This special pallet easily allows you to load the shirt onto your press and print the label. The Tagless Pallet is a 16 x 22 pallet with special front edge shaping that allows you to quickly load 2 shirts on the same pallet and print however many colors you would like. The tag print platform is 6 inches wide and 4Ó high - at it's high point is sized for adult shirts.

NOTE: Bracket not included