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As always, we've designed commonality of parts into our presses so that no one is purposely obsoleted. These fine parts are top quality, yet reasonably priced. Our springs are stronger and les stressed. Our shirtboard brackets are a great deign at a terrific price. Fits all pre-1998 Hopkins and all Riley Hopkins presses.

Stronger, thicker, less stressed. Work Great!


Reggie Knobs
Replaces ratches
3/8 x 24 fine thread


Nylon Bolts
This is a sacrificial part! They are designed to wear so the arm doesn't!


Shirtboard Bracket
Great buy, great quality. Replaces old Hopkins and other unmentionable brands' brackets for 1½" x 2½" tubes.



10 x 10 with bracket $72.50

14 x 14 with bracket $83.00

16 x 16 with bracket $89.00

18 x 18 with bracket $92.00

18 x 20 with bracket $96.00

20 x 24 with bracket $130.00

16 x 16 Aluminum board with bracket and rubber surface $155.00

1/8" Aluminum off contact plate $35.00

Sleeve board with bracket $80.00

Ergonomic Squeegees
Give yourself and your employees a break! Get them some of these new Ergonomic Squeegees! The unique "flying wing" shape rotates your wrists and forearms in two directions and is much easier on your body. Works great in either a "push" or "pull" mode ("push" is better for you). Comes with either 70 or 80 durometer blade. Custom sizes up to 21" are available.

13" length with blade $24.95

15" length with blade $26.95

Old Hopkins
Center Oilite - goes on ½" shaft


Old Hopkins Arm Oilite
Special order


minimum order of 8

Clamp Knobs & Stems
Standard replacement for Pre-1998 Hopkins. Comes with 10 - 32 Bolt & 2 Washers